Tuesday, February 05, 2008

….And Hillary defends Bill by noting that Dick Cheney also went to Kazakhstan and praised its progress

While this story does not seem to have legs in the Super Tuesday battle around America today, a few national media outlets have brought it up. NBC nightly news, for example, did a decent job in putting together a piece on it –

But, the most interesting one I saw came from none other than “fair and balanced” Fox news. It is interesting to see Hillary struggle with this one because it really brings out how “off the radar” Kazakhstan still is in America’s foreign policy. You can almost hear her reading off the talking points from some advisor who is presumably fairly clueless about Central Asia. If it was that advisor who suggested she bring up the “Dick Cheney did it too” defense, they should definitely be fired. Hillary is lucky that few Democrats probably caught this on Fox…

Unfortunately, the Youtube clip seems to have cut out the part where she explained that this was an example of “seasoned leadership.” If she was referring to Cheney, “pickled leadership” might be more accurate. Regardless, I am sure these clips will get a chuckle out those reading in Kazakhstan...enjoy!

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