Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kyrgyz “Maydan,” the Sequel (Part 10): Are Bakiyev and Kulov Trying to Pull A Fast One?

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Pro-Bakiyev Protest in front of parliament (courtesy of KyrgyzReport)

After it looked like a compromise may have been within reach, it now looks like the Bakiyev-Kulov tandem is on the offensive in trying to discredit the opposition. As reported yesterday, the government has rallied its employees to participate in a large protest in front of parliament, where ten yurts have reportedly been constructed. Simultaneously, pro-government protests have been organized in the three southern oblasts of the country. According to KyrgyzReport, the protesters are calling for the dissolution of parliament, and Topchubek Turgunaliev of the Erkindik party is speaking before the crowd in Bishkek claiming that the opposition is supported by ex-president Akayev.

KyrgyzReport is also reporting that the State TV station has begun broadcasting PSAs, apparently produced under the guidance of the president’s administration, which link Akayev to the opposition protests. If Bakiyev and Kulov are pulling away from the proposed compromise, it could lead to a further deterioration of the situation. Furthermore, it is especially troubling that they are further fueling the tension between north and south in the country. Things definitely do not look as promising as they did several hours ago.

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A still shot from state television showing live broadcasts of the pro-Bakiyev protests in front of parliament. (courtesy of KyrgyzReport)


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