Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Is it Undermining U.S. Interests in Central Asia? (Part 3)

Since I have received a couple of requests, I wanted to alert people to the fact that the transcripts from the Helsinki Commission hearing on the SCO are now posted---see below:
The unofficial transcript of the hearing is now here
The webcast, which does work now, is accessible here (you need to fast forward a little to get to the actual testimonies)
And, the submissions of each witness are as follows:
Senator Sam Brownback
Representative Chris Smith
Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher
Sean R. Roberts
Martha Brill Olcott
Steven Blank


Anonymous Teymur said...

It is difficult to imagine a security organization for Central Asia that has value to the region which does not include China. OSCE should include China as an observer state, as it has done with Korea, Japan and Thailand. This would be a meaningful addition to the organization and provide a broader forum for dialogue that would balance Central Asia's fears, needs and concerns in a multi-national setting. SCO is a necessary form of political incest. The family is too small and the ideas too limited. A larger OSCE would also allow Central Asia to engage Russia and China on equal terms. This is not the case in other organzaitions.

4:28 PM  

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