Friday, February 16, 2007

Subscribe to the Roberts Report on Central Asia and Kazakhstan!

Numerous people have requested that they be notified by email of updates to my blog. In an effort to keep people abreast of new postings via email, I have recently opened an account through FeedBlitz. This will enable me to send digests of my postings to you when I update my page. All you need to do to be included on my list of subscribers is to send me an email at requesting to be subscribed. Since my posting volume depends upon my other responsibilities in this world, subscribing will ensure that you keep up to date with analysis and information at the Roberts Report without having to constantly check back as to whether there have been updates. Hopefully you will enjoy this new feature.

NOTE: If you are more literate at these things, you can also click on the first small envelope icon on the right sidebar under "subscription services" to subscribe automatically by email.


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