Friday, September 08, 2006

Update on the Tekebayev incident and Events in Kyrgyzstan

The response to the arrest of Omurbek Tekebayev in Kyrgyzstan has already been fairly strong, a day after it initially took place. According to Akipress, approximately 100 supporters of Tekebayev already had blocked the Osh-Bishkek road by mid-morning. In addition, several parliamentarians claim that they have already attained had a videotape from the Manas airport in Bishkek showing that Tekebayev’s baggage had been removed and brought to another room for some 14 minutes before it was loaded on the plane bringing the delegation to Poland via Turkey. It appears that this incident could very definitely have fairly serious repercussions in Kyrgyzstan, depending upon what evidence is unearthed. Given the many “crises” in Kyrgyzstan over the last year, however, it is difficult to determine how long lasting and important those repercussions will be. Furthermore, if this incident becomes a determining factor in the course of Kyrgyzstan's politics, will it lead to Bakiyev's fall or to the futher consolidation of his power?


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