Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ibragimov gets the death penalty; Utembayev gets 20 years. Any comments?

The court trying the alleged killers and conspirators in the Altynbek Sarsenbayev murder has laid its verdict. Ibragimov was given a sentence of death, and the court ordered the confiscation of his property. Utembayev was given a sentence of 20 years in a maximum security prison, and the court ordered the confiscation of his property. Eight others received sentences from 3 years to 20 years in prison and loss of property.

When it was announced that Sarsenbayev had been killed on February 13, 375 internet readers on the Kazakhstani site (then felt compelled to comment, mostly in dismay and shock. In response to the news of the sentences on the same website over six months later, there are only 75 comments, most of which no longer display shock, but also do not believe that justice was done. What do you think? Was justice done?


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