Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Roberts Report Goes Interactive

Thanks to Google, the Roberts Report on Central Asia and Kazakhstan is now able to become a more interactive website. With the addition of a new membership tool (see the box on the sidebar after my profile), you can now become a member of the Roberts Report on the website itself and chat or correspond with other members. Furthermore, you don't even need to open an account on the site - you can just use your existing gmail, yahoo, or AIM accounts to log in immediately. Also, through the Members' Wall tool (see below the membership tool on the sidebar), members can post messages about current events in Central Asia, including eyewitness accounts, rumors, or links to important stories or videos. The benefits of these features to you as readers of the Roberts Report, of course, depend upon your active participation. The more members to join and the more these members use the interactive features available, the more we can all benefit by transforming the Roberts Report into an interactive community of knowledge about Central Asia. If you hurry, you can be among the first members!


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